19 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris

How many inner conflicts and repetitions would it take to make me feel more free?

My drawings have been documenting my continuous habits, time, changes and emotions over the past 10 years.
I believe confidently that drawing is the only medium I have to express the crystallisation of sentiment which alters into repetitive routines.
I have never worked to draw something realistically or precisely.

New York to Seoul,
London to Seoul,
Paris to Seoul,
even Seoul to Gapyeong in Korea.
These journeys of passage have physically generated a space, which exists somewhere ‘in between’,
I felt only familiar and free in the middle of different places, difference in time, new ideas and a variety of nationalities with their own values and languages.

Do I keep coming ‘here' from far away or Am I trying to leave far away from ‘there’?

in between hand-drawings and graphic designs,
in between something analogue and something digital,
in between the day and today,
in between people,
in between presence and reminiscence
I feel the obligation to express a sense of everything in between.

This exhibition is an attempt to represent my life, living as a work-nomad.